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Blissful Energy

Be Everlasting

Be Everlasting

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Introducing Be Everlasting Simmer Mix, your ticket to a scent-sational journey right in your own kitchen! Picture this: the rich aroma of sweet cacao dancing with creamy coconut, mingling with the intoxicating allure of freshly brewed coffee. As hints of warm cinnamon and comforting vanilla fill the air, your home transforms into a haven of cozy indulgence. 


This stovetop potpourri kit is your secret weapon for an everlasting fragrance, naturally enchanting your senses time and time again. Say hello to a fragrant home that welcomes you with open arms.


How to use:

1. Get a pot from your kitchen

2. Fill with water

3. Empty Simmer Mix into pot and water

4. Simmer and enjoy the natural aroma


You can reuse the simmer mix 3-4 times, just store in the fridge between use. Compost when done.

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