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Blissful Energy

Be Poetic

Be Poetic

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Elevate your home fragrance game with our Be Poetic stovetop potpourri, featuring a delightful blend of all-natural scents including sweet strawberry, refreshing basil, tropical coconut, and aromatic rosemary. 


Simply simmer on your stovetop and let the fragrance transport you to a peaceful and poetic state of mind. Perfect for any occasion, our Be Poetic stovetop potpourri is a must-have for anyone who loves the natural goodness of fruit and herbs.

How to use:

1. Get a pot from your kitchen

2. Fill with water

3. Empty Simmer Mix into pot and water

4. Simmer and enjoy the natural aroma

You can reuse the simmer mix 3-4 times, just store in the fridge between use. Compost when done.

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