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Blissful Energy

DIY Kit- Smudge Bundle Kit

DIY Kit- Smudge Bundle Kit

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DIY kit to make your own smudge bundle(s) 

*last two images are examples of bundles you can create


This is a great gift idea for anyone!  Just imagine a ladies night in and seeing all of the different smudge bundles you can come up with!  




blue or green sage bundle (depends on availability)

palo santo

wildflowers (colors may vary depending on availability)

Marigold, spray roses, strawflowers, carnations or other wildflowers depending on season

babies breath or limonium 



bay leaves


cotton string

instructional cleansing card

instructional card on how to tie your bundle(s)

packaged in a small box ready for you! 

bundle approximately 4” in length 


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